About Sonax

Develops, designs and produces premium products

SONAX is a global brand found in over 120 countries around the world. An innovative company that develops, designs and produces premium products in vehicle care. SONAX stands for visual and and functional durability and ensures premium quality in all stages. All our work is in accordance with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

Car care at the highest level

Quality, knowledge and continuous development – SONAX develops and produces a wide range of high-quality and innovative vehicle care for PROFESSIONALS, CONSUMERS and CARWASH. The obvious choice for you who like to take care of your car and make the details shine.

about sonax

SONAX celebrates 70 years

SONAX was started by Franz Hoffmann and is still owned by the Hoffmann family, based in Neuburg ad Donau, in southern Germany. Franz Hoffmann began his career with the brand “SONA” which was mainly used for silver plaster in households. For car care products that were to be introduced soon, an “X” was added to the name to indicate that there was wax in the packaging – the SONAX brand was born!

From the mid-60s, SONAX delivered products for the first automatic car wash. Around the same time, manual car care had taken great strides and developed both in method and material. More and more people were now proud owners of private cars. On Saturdays, people washed their cars and the demand for really good car care products increased sharply, and has done so ever since!

About us

Distributed in the UK by Anglo American Oil Company

Anglo American Oil Company Ltd. was founded in June 1999 by former racer Anders Hildebrand. Up until the summer of 2015 the company was based out of two locations, the office located on the south coast of England in Dorset, and the warehouse and blending plant located in Berkshire.

In June 2015, the whole operation relocated to one purpose-built facility comprising of a two-story office block, lab, workshop and oil bottling department, warehouse, tank farm and fuel production area.

The company continues to represent and distribute Sunoco Race fuels on an exclusive basis through our European and Middle Eastern distributors. It is also European agents of Driven Racing Oil and PJ1 track compounds (drag racing strip treatments).

Its R brand, the R racing fuels and oils, are blended in-house to very tight specifications. As of 2017, it also introduced products from Freezetone in the USA. Its main business is built on a dedicated customer base of over 9,500 racers and high-performance garages that buy products on a daily basis.

In addition to the Motorsport products, it has also stocked Aspen fuel for the UK market since 2006, which is now distributed through a fast-growing network of 500+ garden machinery dealers. This product, based on the companies’ knowledge of clean fuel technology, resulted in a new department which is focusing on low emission fuels for hand-held petrol-driven engines and diesel-powered construction plant machinery, plus a new exciting range of biodegradable oils.

Anglo American Oil Company Ltd took over the distribution rights for SONAX in 2021 and acquired the ownership of the SONAX Detailing Academy in 2022. 

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