SONAX Headlight Restoration Set

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Depending on the degree of soiling, clean headlights in the context of a normal vehicle wash or just wipe the headlights with Sonax windscreen clear (item no. 03382410) and a soft cloth. Stick on the edges of the bonnet, mudguard and bumper. The slightly coarser P3000 sanding flowers (colourless adhesive back) to the enclosed grey sanding flower holder, moisten with water. and the headlights with light Apply pressure until an even, slightly matte surface is formed. Always moisten the surface with water. Then remove the abrasive residue with one of the enclosed polishing fleece. Then repeat the procedure with the ultra-fine sanding flowers P5000 (red adhesive side).


Apply some polish (polish 1) on the light side of the small polishing sponge and polish with a little pressure on the headlight until the desired clarity is achieved. In between, always wipe with a polishing fleece cloth and check the result. Apply polish if necessary.


Tear off a bag of headlight seal and apply the liquid contained on a polishing fleece. Rub the already smoothed and polished surfaces with a damp cloth and wipe with a clean and dry polishing fleece after a short flash. One bag is enough for 2 headlights.

Please note: The seal should not get wet within the next 2-3 hours. Do not wash the vehicle within the first 2 days after sealing. When treating rear lights, step 1 (smoothing). Do not try to remove them before using coarse sandpaper for deep scratches. This completely removes the protective clear coat layer of the headlights, resulting in an extremely fast matting and scratching. Headlights with deep scratches, cracks, stone chips or extremely heavily weathered headlights may not be fully restored.

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