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SONAX PROFILINE Fabric Coating is a high quality coating suitable for water-repellent impregnation of exterior textiles, car convertible tops and similar surfaces. The impregnating agent provides a water-repellent effect, so that rain and water will slide off the textile. After impregnating your convertible top, it is immediately protected from dirt, which makes it easier to wash and keep the textile clean.

You can impregnate the textile roof of a convertible car with SONAX Fabric Coating. After treating the textile of a convertible roof with this impregnating agent, it shows a very strong water beading effect. Seal your convertible roof fabric with this coating to enjoy the best dirt and water repellent effect for a long time. The coating also ensures that bird droppings or tree resin do not penetrate the fabric of your convertible roof. After impregnating your convertible top, it will remain nice and clean for a long time!

Textile impregnation

Are you looking for an impregnating agent for textiles? PROFILINE Fabric Coating from SONAX is the best textile impregnating agent. First wash the textile thoroughly so that it is clean, after which you apply the impregnating agent as a coating to protect it against dirt, water and contaminants.

Features of the SONAX PROFILINE Fabric Coating

  • The best way to impregnate a convertible roof
  • Can also be used on other types of textiles
  • Provides a very high resistance to water
  • Repels dirt, water and rain
  • Easy to apply
  • Long lasting

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