SONAX XTREME Ceramic Active Shampoo SI-Carbon Technology 500ml

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SONAX XTREME CERAMIC ACTIVE SHAMPOO SI-CARBON TECHNOLOGY 500ML A ceramic infused shampoo with sealing effect for thorough cleaning and a long-lasting, water and dirt-repellent characteristics. The perfect shampoo for vehicles with ceramic sealants and coatings. Rinse off coarse dirt from the vehicle with a strong water jet. Shake bottle before use. Dissolve 50 ml of the sealant in 10 l of warm water and lather. Wash the vehicle from top to bottom with a SONAX multi-sponge or SONAX microfibre washing glove. Then rinse with plenty of clean water and peel off. PLEASE NOTE: Do not wash in direct sunlight or on hotpaintwork . Rinse with clear water as soon as possible after shampooing, otherwise residues can dry on or water stains appear. Protect from frost

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