SONAX XTREME Ceramic Polish All-in-One

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SONAX XTREME Ceramic Polish All-in-One removes imperfections while leaving behind a durable form of protection. When detailing we generally polish, then add our layer of protection on top of the perfected surface. This two step system works great, but what if you are looking to do things faster or you are pressed for time? With Ceramic Polish All In One you can combine these important steps and save time in the process!

To apply simply add a few dots of product to a light polishing pad and work in one section at a time. The Si-Carbon technology that is packed into this formula leaves you with a very smooth and slick surface due to the removal of ugly swirls, light scratches, imperfections and oxidation. What you are left with is a nice mirror-like shine and a durable layer of protection that repels dirt, grime and water for up to 3 months according to Sonax. Polish and protect with the Sonax Ceramic Polish All In One!

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