Sonax Xtreme Ceramic Spray Coating, 750ml

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Sonax Xtreme Ceramic Spray Coating, 750ml protects the treated surface from dirt, insects and road salt, which makes washing the vehicle much easier. Leaves a glossy finish without the need for a time-consuming polish. Si-Carbon technology ensures a soft velvety surface, the lake shines with a permanent and reflective shine. Existing ceramic seals are refreshed. Sonax Xtreme Ceramic Spray Coating, 750ml application: – thoroughly clean the vehicle, complete drying is not necessary – shake the bottle before use, open the spray nozzle by turning – spray the product on a microfiber cloth and spread thinly evenly on dry or slightly damp paint – always treats adjacent partial areas – then wipe the residue with a dry microfiber cloth – repeat the application if the color impression is uneven Quantity: 750 ml

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