XTREME Protective Wheel Rim Sealant 250ml

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With innovative Hybrid NetProtection Technology for permanent rim protection. Reduces re-soiling. Has a water, dirt and salt repellent effect. For all aluminum, steel, chrome-plated and polished rims. Gives the rims a deep, reflective shine. The ultra-thin hybrid sealing forms an invisible, long-lasting protective layer made of glass-hard silicate on the surface, which is linked with organic components to form a stable, weather-resistant network. This makes cleaning the rims much easier and easier.

Stubborn dirt such as brake dust can be removed with little effort. At the same time, the seal gives the rims a long-lasting shine. The lasting beading effect lasts at least 5 washes. The package content is sufficient for the treatment of up to 8 rims. With 4 practical polishing fleeces.
Innovative, ultra-thin, invisible protective seal for rims based on Hybrid NetProtection Technology.

The lasting beading effect lasts at least 5 washes.
Sufficient for up to 8 rims.

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